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Cosmic Sport Ring - Silver Titanium


Eugene Jitter Ring Brand Sling True’s Cosmic Sport Ring in Silver Titanium (ring). These are for advanced to pro level play. These play ‘faster’ then the Haylo Jitter Ring and ‘almost’ identical to the blue version. The two major differences would be that this one is just a smidge more non-resistant in play feel - and 2, this version has a more ‘revd’ vibration if you will. The resulted speed enablement really allows/enables you to move ‘swift’. If you want speed then you really can’t go wrong with either this version or the titanium version. The rings are crafted by Eugenes skill toy manufacturer One Drop, while the outer ring is aerospace grade stainless steel, vacuum furnace stress relieved to retain shape.

Something about the ceramic coating ‘looking’ like polished raw steel makes you feel like you can really let go and ‘get busy’. This is definitely for the player that would otherwise concern themselves with dings and scratches. Also a solid option for the player that wants to really push ‘every’ bit of trick creation and jamming to the limit with the least reserve. Theres a certain added comfort and more open mental switch in mind when jaming on polished looking silver material. The rings are anodized titanium color and ceramic coating finished to maximize on both performance and ring protection.

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