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Cosmic Sport Ring - Titanium Blue


Eugene Jitter Ring Brand Sling True’s Cosmic Sport Ring in Titanium Blue bead (ring). These are for advanced to pro level play. These play ‘faster’ then the Haylo Jitter Ring. The speed really allows/enables you to generate a faster spin of both the small rings and outer ring. You can really ‘haul’ with this version. If you want speed, then this is definitely the Jitter Ring for you. The rings are crafted by Eugenes skill toy manufacturer One Drop, while the outer ring is aerospace grade stainless steel, vacuum furnace stress relieved to retain shape.

The anodizing really has it’s own unique feel that you honestly just have to try for yourself. The combination of the material, design and anodizing of the rings results in the rings sitting lower on the big ring at your normal pull rate then the Haylo rings sit - increase your acceleration speed and you’ll get a very positive feedback from the rings that gives you a nicely felt vibration. It’s a bit more tactile in feel when at high speed compared to the more mono smooth feel of the Haylo’s rings. I would summarize by saying, it’s a more ‘punctual’ vibration feel that is very addictive. The rings are anodized titanium color and ceramic coating finished to maximize on both performance and ring protection.

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