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Haylo Jitter Ring


From Eugene Jitter Ring brand Sling True comes the Haylo Jitter Ring (in green). This version offering is for beginner to intermediate players, or for those who are accustomed to the older standard jitter rings. The weight distribution and design of the rings allows for a very unique play style reminiscent of the classic jitter ring, but further refined ‘by a lot’. With machining done by Eugenes skill toy manufacturer One Drop, you can expect A1 craftsmanship and quality. The outer ring is aerospace grade stainless steel, vacuum furnace stress relieved to retain shape.

There are a few key things that I really like about this design. The rings, although relatively light, feel light in play but sit with a lot of stability and ‘thickness’ if you will. The vibration feel signature is very very smooth as you can feel the rings just glide like butter. Getting the rings to spin is both easy to start and maintain. In my experience, this has been the easiest skill toy to get fully brand new people to learn.

Each ring comes with a 'Bead Towel' which simplifies travel with the ring and doubles as a cloth to keep the beads clean. The Bead Towel also enables a ‘quiet mode’ training method so you can practice in silence.

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