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String Formulas

Blue Eyed White Dragon

from 1.20

Introducing Blue Eyed White Dragon—aka ‘The Denim String’. Straight from the genome - the DRAGON genome in fact. If you’re a fan of DRAGON, then you will most definitely be a fan of this. The twist pattern used to properly implement the ‘blue eye’ leaves the texture feeling more pebbled and resistant than the feel of throwing on DRAGON. The weave is locked in very neatly; this is noticeable in the feel of throw on string. The throw noticeably glides with a textured smooth grit that makes for a ‘very’ unique tactile feel. More controlled then DRAGON but trust, BOLD all the same.

Lifeline per string
1+ year any level and amount of play (washing recommended)

100% polyester

Standard Length

To wash your string, merely put it in the laundry with your white garments load as if it was laundry. Thats it.

Shipping Notes
-All International Orders ship USPS Priority
-Orders in excess of 1lb will ship USPS Priority regardless of receipt notation.
-Please allow 3-5 additional days for ‘long’ string orders

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