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String Formulas

Copernicus (Copi)

from 1.20

From the DRAGON genome we bring you Copernicus (aka Copi). A long lasting bright bouncy string option that works incredible against humidity. This formula is very soft across the finger without getting overly warm due to its fabrication. Same thickness as DRAGON but with a totally different lane of control and pocket. This string prefers to bounce at all times, so you will most definitely notice your elements stylistic execution start to lean over to a bouncy feel and aesthetic (watch you’ll see - you gonna LOVE it doh LOL).

DRAGON and Cumulus Foam have a rather audible whipping sound to their lighting fast slack whips. Copernicus however is far more silent in its equally fast whipping. This makes for a very ambient style string that you can really just zone out with effortlessly. It allows you to really enjoy your throwing in its own unique way that you just gotta try for yourself to understand.

Lifeline per string
1+ year any level and amount of play (washing recommended)

100% polyester

Standard Length

To wash your string, merely put it in the laundry with your white garments load as if it was laundry. Thats it.

Shipping Notes
-All International Orders ship USPS Priority
-Orders in excess of 1lb will ship USPS Priority regardless of receipt notation.
-Please allow 3-5 additional days for ‘long’ string orders

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