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String Formulas

Night Moves

from 1.20

Ultimately to put it briefly…Night Moves holds its structure ‘very’ well - kind of a Game Genie version of Draken honestly. You can’t get any more punctual with your trick density and technical elements than you get with this luminescent formula. This string allots you ‘technical success’ that you can literally/physically feel. The old school game ‘Centipede’ comes to mind 😂 When I put this formula to the test during a session, it was very enjoyable seeing just how much it affected how elements felt and how I chose to flow. This is ‘the’ string you opt for when you want to clean up your style or add detail to your elements and the execution ‘of’ those elements.

This formula gives you that same ‘squeaky clean’ feeling you get after flossing your teeth or after going to the dentist for your hygiene appointment 😂Equally stiff and zippy-whippy as Draken (same thickness) with added visibility as a result of the fluorescent hue of orange. Over time, the color fades to a more creamsicle hue.

Lifeline per string
1+ year any level and amount of play (washing recommended)

To wash your string, merely put it in the laundry with your white garments load as if it was laundry. Thats it.

100% polyester

Standard Length

Shipping Notes
-All International Orders ship USPS Priority
-Orders in excess of 1lb will ship USPS Priority regardless of receipt notation.
-Please allow 3-5 additional days for shipping of ‘long’ string orders

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