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Rebby has the same emotive value associated with playing a video game that has good character combo options built in with a fun/enjoyable game play (like Viewtiful Joe, Smash Bros, Street Fighter, or Killer Instinct Gold 😂👌🏿) When you get good with characters moves and combos, you start to get a real kinda ‘clean’ comfy feeling. That’s the same feeling I get when I use Rebby 😂

Rebby has a certain persistent speed to how it plays, but there’s a bit of twist to that. The way this formula is produced results in a really distinct ‘awareness’ if you will. You get a really good sense of the elements your occupying on string throughout the entire length of the string. You really feel like you know ‘exactly’ what every inch of the string is doing in relation to the all times of being on string. Its a combination of the texture and tight twist. The dulled rough texture gives you the maximum ‘feel’ of the string, while the tight twist confines any loose threads - giving you ‘only’ clean twist on and in between your fingers. It’s kinda like that feeling you get when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist 😂👌🏿 No but in all seriousness, the tidiness of how the string is fully composed gives you a really clean throwing experience with a heightened benefit of punctual control. The string also has a little bit of a bounce to it that keeps the string from ever feeling dull.

Lastly, it holds its form well. When you ‘do’ get use to its speed, you ‘can’ start to mess with the timing just like any other, but the results are far different. In the same way that when your playing the old school game Centipede, as the game progresses, the character gets longer and it’s after image trails longer. Yea it’s kinda like that when you push the speed of Rebby 😂 It gets very interestingly ‘staged’ feeling if you will. The segments just hold in the air very well and almost statically in way. You just gotta try it - I could write metaphors for days and talk features for days on this one 😂👌🏿

Almost forgot to mention. The thickness is ‘smidgingly’ thicker than DRAKEN.

Doctor’s Notes
 " A spin off of formula Amy, Rebby boasts those same fun factors, but with an added grippy feel that fits right into the pocket of comfort. Like slipping on a nicely worn in pair of shoes, this formula gives me all the nostalgic feels associated with such an experience. Vibrant color, great feedback during play, and long lasting life will surely make Rebby a new favorite for those who give it a shot."

Lifeline per string
1 - 5 weeks of casual intermediate play

100% polyester

Standard Length

To wash your string, merely put it in the laundry with your white garments load as if it was laundry. Thats it.

Shipping Notes
-All International Orders ship USPS Priority
-Orders in excess of 1lb will ship USPS Priority regardless of receipt notation
-Please allow 3-5 additional days for shipping of ‘long’ string orders

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MF Rebby
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