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It’s been a long time…
but I’ll spare you from too too much back story (for now lol). Somewhere between my career as a Designer and getting opportunities to make Yo-Yos with One Drop Designs, I decided to push towards launching my own brand of products.

There’s a variety of products varying from me and Will’s own thinking and production to solely products of personal interest that will be available on Markmont. Shop. The first in the line of products that we’re currently offering is Markmont. Formulas - a series of string formula options concepted by Will Prater and myself, then produced by hand by Will.

Having spent an un-countable amount of hours yo-yoing since 96’, my preference for string play changed. I would say everyone who yo-yos experiences a change in preference with all parts of their throw setup. There’s always been a good amount of options on the market for string, just not necessarily the options that I had in mind. In steps Markmont. Formulas.

Markmont. Formulas (MF) targets specific feature sets that advanced players can reap the benefits of - in a major way. To us it’s all about enablement and experience. Each formula has its own play style unique to itself. Think about how different yo-yo shapes and weight distributions give you a different feel. Think about how these varying yo-yo shapes and weights make certain tricks and styles either easier or harder. Then think about the full range of ‘all of that’. Our aim is to mirror that variety of tailored yo-yo options over now to string options (or string ‘formulas’ as we refer to them). It’s obviously up to the player to put the hours in if they wanna ‘get nice’ with their ability, but there’s no reason for that process to ever feel like ‘work’. We’re just making sure those hours spent can see a higher majority of ‘fun’ with your yo-yos of choice.

From our heads straight to your hands; straight from the dome piece.

Doctor Monsieur Will Prater and Mister Markmont.

Doctor Monsieur Will Prater and Mister Markmont.