Caleb Fischer—on #fullyfreestyle on MF Copernicus

Oohhhhhhhh breh~see...this sir right here is a ‘natural’ at #fullyfreestyle Major shoutout to @cfisher.idk for gettin a bit jazzy wit em 😂👌🏿 Pay attention to the choices he makes in his recoveries. You can always judge someone’s throw chops by how they recover and/or transition. The ones Caleb was messing with here (and to the beat) are real nice.

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OhYesYo x iLinx Toys Freq.mod

Proud to make the official announcement that this Friday the 13th we’ll be dropping the much anticipated @theohyesyo Freq.mod in purple colorway (exclusive) on Here’s what Coffin has to say about this throw: “The Freq.mod was born in the BST Ross Levine of Ilinx Toys and myself were in a post about what yo-yos we would love to see updated, reissued etc and we both agreed on the freq.wav. The Freq.wav comes from the now defunct Recreational Revolution, I learned of this brand at the National Yoyo Contest of 2012. Alex Lee, and Ernest Kahn were hanging in a corner throwing, I recall asking Alex what yoyo he was using and he handed me the Rojas Edition freq.wav, being a long time fan of Anthony Rojas i needed it. So fast forward a bit into 2013 and i managed to score one then two, and at one point I’d collected about 7 in total. It’s the yoyo that kept me playing for hours on end for years. So in early 2019 Ross and myself discussed making more of then but out of 7075 and modernizing the response system but keeping the play and the aesthetic the same. Ross handled all the CAD work between two Freq.wavs hand measuring every angle on them both, i was left with double checking the work and going forward into manufacturing. Now these are available to the world again and i hope this yoyo inspires others creativity in the same way it has for me. - Coffin”

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#tutorialbasedfootage—Blue Eyed White Dragon

Just a little #tutorialbasedfootage to go along with the release of MF Blue Eyed White Dragon. The chopsticks repeater in the beginning is a classic from the legend Jason Lee. The #fullyfreestyle that follows the repeater was nothing too fancy-fancy, but what I did like was some of the hand posturing and gestures. It’s always fun to see what ‘exactly’ your hands and fingers are doing in slow motion.

The combination of string thickness and pebbled-like string texture of MF Blue Eyed White Dragon naturally makes you want to get more ‘rope’ish with your movements. The tight weave nature of the strings twisting however gives you a very accessible feel to be able to get technical at the drop of a dime with no fuss. You can essentially ‘switch gears’ depending on what style of element play you wanna shift into. If DRAGON is more of the Wario hue in its wildness, Blue Eyed White Dragon is more the controlled level headed Mario 😂👌🏿 MF Blue Eyed White Dragon available now on

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Isaac Sams #fullyfreestyle—MF Draken

THIS guy - the oh so casual mastermind LEGEND himself @isaac_sams reppin a little #fullyfreestyle. This man is accountable for mmaannnyyyyy elements and sequences commonly used these days. If you do a little digging in the crates, you’ll uncover a plethora of elements that this man is accountable for. Alsoooo to note, on the beat is Isaac as well (killin it). Isaac’s style of element selection is very intentional and classic looking - but with a balanced amount of tailoring, refinement and appropriate progression. Isaac does a good job of holding an element style pocket in his play style that just always will remain timeless and engaging 👌🏿

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Bounce—Cirrus Foam

First and foremost before the breakdown - ddddoooonntttt sleep on these pyramatte finish Gold Coin Markmont. Classics on Markmont. Shop - this finish DEF allows for less string resistance and gives longer spin time with on-string play. I like both finish versions of the MC equally for diff reasons - def dig this one when I wanna just zone out and endlessly gggoooo go go.

This run re-uses a lot of some of my favorite ‘juke’ bounces and ‘loadings’. #followthebouncingball is def in full affect with this one. That tempo is very much like a metronome, so it was fun trying to kinda emphasize that more-so, in addition to applying variation appropriately. Been really trying to refine on techniques much more than elements. Kinda like key signatures in music in a way. When you stay element focused, it can have a way of reducing flow and fragmenting the run or story your telling with your run. Staying in motion as a root focus of a technique keeps a much better structure/staging for all elements to get placed ‘into’ the motion.

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The long and the short of it is, there are certain fundamental tricks that are very classic and very polarizing in throw trick history. After being flabbergasted by Gary Longorias braintwister combo in the first Spindox vid I saw in 00’, my respect and appreciation for the craft has been locked at a very high regard.

One of said tricks that I view with a high amount of respect AND appreciation is Boingy Boing. This trick led the way to a whole BUNCH of stuff following it’s creation. And it’s just a DOPE trick regardless 😂 When I stumbled through my thoughts and into this progression of that particular trick, I was in shock and thankful. Felt like a gift for real 😂 As someone who had put at that point 4 full time throw years into making tricks, it was easy to recognize the juggernaut classic tricks. And if your mind drifted like mines did lol, then you definitely ideated on how dope it would be to be accountable for a trick of that volume and caliber. So I say all that to say long windily...this trick reminds me of what I love and appreciate and respect about this craft. I can’t think about this trick without thinking about how grateful I am to just be ‘in’ all of this. To be inspired enough to ‘create’, is a big deal to me. Being inspired by my throw friends and a variety of other just throw legends is straight up appreciated to the soul and a privilege that I honestly can’t ever get tired of speaking on (but post limits doh 😂) Or simply put, this trick gives me ‘all the feels’ ☺️😂 String formula used is Amy. If I were to take the rhythm section from the Rebby formula band and the 65 formula band, I would get Amy. Amy plays consistently soft fall warm with a mild peppermint ice cream ‘crisp’-like crunch. Like the rest, it’s full poly bbuuttt this ones 2-toned 🗣 The base threads are white, with the accent threads being red. This creates an optically bright looking light pink. It’s fast for a soft feeling string but never overly hot feeling on finger. More details to follow 👍🏿 #markmont #amy #onedropyoyos #yoyo #yoyotricks #trickcircle #tutorialbasedfootage


Tutorial based footage version of my throwback arm repeater. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this trick/repeater. Every few years the nuances of it actually change. If you look at how I did this trick compared to the previous one from 02’, you can see that this one is in a continuous motion vs the mechanical pauses of the other. In my opinion when a trick can actually grow ‘with’ you over time, it acts as a good indicator that its of value (to you). The tip I would give to doing this repeater would be to try the more basic mechanical version from the previous vid (there’s also a slomo vid of it on YouTube Sector Y). Get the general feel of the motion comfy before trying to attempt this version, which is more so based on timing and controlled tension. The string wrapped around the elbow is pretty much your ‘pivot’ gauge for where when you ease up and tighten your strings tensity hold, the most affect to the control is felt.

String formula seen here is Rebby. Compared to DRAGON and DRAKEN, this string has a neatly packed ‘fuzz’ feel to it. Slightly warmer on finger compared to DRAKEN. The method used to make this formula yields a really nice ‘bounce’ feel while also maintaining a controlled punctual feel. This translates to a really kinda bright play style. Very well suited for technical tricks that use a lot of density. It practically creates clean space for you to use within your segmentation. More details coming soon 👍🏿

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Cumulus Foam

SUOHS (Sneaking Up On Hidemasa Semba) in #tutorialbasedfootage form. This trick honestly irritated me as soon as I made it 😂 It irritates me because in my head, the concept seemed way too simple and basic to look decent. But then the first time I struggled through hitting (1) clean repeat, I conceded to liking it lol. I was salty because it was DIFFICULT 😂 And as throws have gotten larger and string length preference has grown, the difficulty of the trick has as a result as well 😬. I recommend trying to hit this on a shorter length string ‘first’. Your gonna want to get a good back and forth flow in your hands comfy before trying longer string. Keeping a L like formation is pretty much the basic way of executing. The more advanced form is getting a really loose vertical U formation. Last tip; orient the mount and positioning of your hands slightly off center with your face - trust me 😂👌🏿 String used is up and coming ‘Cumulus Foam’ from my string line (re-launching this weekend at PNWR). This string formula is of the same ‘genome’ as DRAGON, but with a slight bit more of softness. More verbose string description to follow soon 👍🏿

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Night Moves

This run for me was about the bounce and the construction. I like the narrative aspect of the first half of the combo building up to the breakdown as an ‘intro’. It’s really easy to forget and skip over more drawn out phrasing’s in your tricks when your trying to just ‘do something dope’. Its very much beneficial to spread out ‘the way’ you introduce your showcase elements of a trick from time to time. Gives you more options to tell a more dynamic story with your trick or combo.

The bounce in the first half is more of a string loading style of play, where as after the beat breaks down, the bounce takes on more of a literal ‘in and out’ kinda phrasing that mimics both the ruff kick drum and that low alert drone sound well (to me). Let the music impact your element and flow choices and you’ll legit always have element and movement options that you can enjoy 👍🏿

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Really feelin the ‘bounce’ this run had. Starting to rreeaalllyy see the benefits of varying trick ‘density’ use according to your music complexity. Simple track sounds and arrangement pair well with simpler density. Aaalllssooo noticed that just like on drums or bass, if you can maintain a pocket to always fall back in with any trick/combo your doing, loss of control or mistakes are generally more salvageable. Catch that GROOVE lol

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As mentioned in the previous post, this trick means a ‘lot’ to me; it pretty much re-ignited my creative juices at the time of creation. That being said, prepping to film this trick was nerve wrecking 😂 It’s hard to hit AND it’s difficult to film right.

So it’s finally time to film the trick last night...lights on, camera on and throw in hand. Slowly walk up to my target spot and just...’think’ for a moment. I think the thought was... ‘damn it I really don’t wanna go through the hassle of filming this’ lol. But aannnyywwaayyysss I give it a shot. I think my primal thrower instinct kicked it deep inside my soul with a convicted voice and exclaimed: “FIRST TRY KING!!!” LMAO.

Next thing you know....on 1st cam take and on my 1st try...hit it. Wwwooooooo man LOL. You gotta CHERISH the moments that that happens because they are rare 😂 Had to share that little story with y’all first LOL

This trick is all in your timing and laceration (slack) technique. Think of your trapeze mount as the same hand posture you’d have driving an old flat school-bus steering wheel. When you pop the throw up like an Eli hop, you wanna wait until the yo-yo reaches its peak, then very swiftly, throw a laceration with your throw hand in a counter clockwise steering a flat bus steering wheel rotation (if righty) motion. Get the whole loop segment and arm fully over and around the throw while it’s still in air. Try and kinda ‘aim’ the direction of your laceration movement to land its string on your other front mount positioned inward hand fingers. Then catch - simple 😂👌🏿 String Formula used is 65. This formula plays similar to Rebby but with a bit more ‘crunch’ to it. I would put this right in-between DRAKEN and Rebby in terms of play style and characteristics. It binds vvveerrryyy well and like Rebby, has a really good felt spatial relationship when throw is on string or even just slacking. I could talk for a good while just on it’s binding characteristics but alas, I’ll keep it brief for now 😁 Stay tuned for more details on 65 Formula 👍🏿 Full ‘slightly longer’ video version available in profile link.

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Copernicus (Copi)

There’s an oval like motion that’s goin on with how both the throw and the accompanying elements holding the throw move in this run. Sometimes when you really lock into either your motion or pocket, it can really do double duty and act as some nice coloring book ‘guide lines’ for what your doing. I think my favorite part was seeing the contrast in motion that happens around the half way mark when I kinda mount into the underside chopsticks hold and tug. That pulley affect is my jjjaaammmmm 😂👌🏿 String Formula used is upcoming MF Copernicus. Copernicus has a ‘ridiculously’ bouncy feel to it. Almost like rubber at times even. The softest formula in the full line but still maintains a serious amount of structure hold since it’s of the DRAGON ‘genome’. Also yes like DRAGON, last for over a year. Handles humidity legit better than any string I’ve tried ‘ever’ (hollar at anyone from Nationals that tried it in that humidity to support this claim 😂). Def looking forward to dropping this formula 👍🏿 Also yes - mini update/announcement. 1st class shipping rates on Markmont. Shop have now been reduced. Thank all y’all for the continued support and appreciation thus far on this and all future endeavors 🙌🏿

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This throw/formula combination is super technical feeling. Metallic Pink MC on MF Draken. Something about the vibrancy of this color makes everything when throwing look ‘crispy’ 😂 Then the pyramatte finish on the crisp structured #mfdrakenenables a lloott of intricacy and feel. Would be most wise if you ‘not’ sleep on either 😁👌🏿 This run for me was all about the waviness of the flow in the first third. I’ve thrown to this track a lot, so this time I tried a different approach to the flow match. Instead of going more in line with the track, I tried to kinda weave into it. Similar musical thing is when you put triplet rhythm on a 4/4 time signature.

Also yes the entry ‘into’ the timing of the flow, the way it kinda ‘locks’ in right when the throw mounts the trapeze - diggin that. After the recovery I pull the strings with my thumb - ddiiggggg that as well as how the throw proceeds to ‘travel’.

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Cirrus Foam

Man...starting to rreeaallllyy see the benefits of what happens when you loosin up your element ‘phrasing’ to let the throw take its own course. It can feel at times as if the everything is going to get too wild/chaotic, but as long as you still maintain some semblance of area zoning (ie your imaginary box the throw stays moving in) then it’s all good. Think of it like drumming. When you drum with a tight grip vs a loose grip, you get way diff results. This run was much more in the range of loose grip - but there was still a fixed area that I tried to keep the throw inside.

Was feelin how those some of the hops traveled - lot of left/right movement vs just staying straight linear up/down. That little saucy green triangle juke came out of nnoooo where LOL 😂👌🏿

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