Drew Mrowniec #fullyfreestyle

Ooooo yes - had to start this channel off RIGHT with a buttery run from @drewmrowiec Its always enjoyable watching players get into #fullyfreestyle from the start forward. Gives me a chance to see the similarities in certain rudiments. Drew brings in a good relative space balance. Knows how to keep the string in simple wide lines while still keeping flow, movement and energy in the combo. Throwing tight and technical and throwing open and spacious both take different abilities - neither is more valuable then the other.

@drewmrowiec writes:
“We gonna give this freestyle movement some traction here, lotsss more coming in the future. Freestyling my tricks has given me so much more motivation to YoYo. Even though at some points I see an almost backwards progression in trick creation, my overall understanding of elements grows with every session. Definitely worth giving a try if you haven’t already, just remember to #keepgoing#fullyfreestyle

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