Night Moves

This run for me was about the bounce and the construction. I like the narrative aspect of the first half of the combo building up to the breakdown as an ‘intro’. It’s really easy to forget and skip over more drawn out phrasing’s in your tricks when your trying to just ‘do something dope’. Its very much beneficial to spread out ‘the way’ you introduce your showcase elements of a trick from time to time. Gives you more options to tell a more dynamic story with your trick or combo.

The bounce in the first half is more of a string loading style of play, where as after the beat breaks down, the bounce takes on more of a literal ‘in and out’ kinda phrasing that mimics both the ruff kick drum and that low alert drone sound well (to me). Let the music impact your element and flow choices and you’ll legit always have element and movement options that you can enjoy 👍🏿

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