#fullyfreestyle on MF Night Moves

Some times you just gotta ssslloooowwww down for a second and let your flow just naturally adjust to the timing more openly. There’s a pretty specific balance to be maintained between density and openness when using tracks that are either slower or more calm. Matching the timing and calmness of a track is just as valuable as getting technical with more high energy tracks.

In this run - I particularly like the pacing of how the throw kinda mimics the vocals. That sidestyle non-dominant hand boing towards the middle is my jjjjaaammmm. Throwing in the right boing variation at the right time of a combo or trick can be a ‘lot’ of fun and give off a nice accent. I def strongly encourage all throwers to mess around with ‘more’ boing variations vs less. There’s a ‘lot’ to play with there even though that trick/element is so definitive. Mix it UP some 😂👌🏿 Throw used is the recent Metallic Pink colorway Markmont. Classic (available on www.markmont.shop) with coming soon string formula ‘Night Moves’. A rather ‘vibrant’ color combo to say the least. Def makes visibility and punctuality of execution way more clear as a result 👍🏿

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