#fullyfreestyle on MF Night Moves

This run man...this was ‘definitely’ the most technical trick I’ve ever done. More technical then anything I’ve actually created. It’s actually semi agitating when I re-watch this because I don’t think I’m gonna ever be able to re-learn that 😂

There’s a ‘ton’ of nuanced threading that’s going on subsequent to the simple consistent left/right rocking motion. The little ghosted notes in the track are really what made this run result the way it did. The repetitive style of the vocals mixed with the minimalistic drum accents is what I was focusing on. In the moment, I try my best to just focus on the movement of the throw instead of the elements. Your hands naturally have far more ideas then you can consciously choose - put trust in your hands. When you put the element choice ‘fully’ on your hands plate to decide, it clears your head to be able to focus on other stuff - like movement 👍🏿

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