Tutorial based footage version of my throwback arm repeater. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this trick/repeater. Every few years the nuances of it actually change. If you look at how I did this trick compared to the previous one from 02’, you can see that this one is in a continuous motion vs the mechanical pauses of the other. In my opinion when a trick can actually grow ‘with’ you over time, it acts as a good indicator that its of value (to you). The tip I would give to doing this repeater would be to try the more basic mechanical version from the previous vid (there’s also a slomo vid of it on YouTube Sector Y). Get the general feel of the motion comfy before trying to attempt this version, which is more so based on timing and controlled tension. The string wrapped around the elbow is pretty much your ‘pivot’ gauge for where when you ease up and tighten your strings tensity hold, the most affect to the control is felt.

String formula seen here is Rebby. Compared to DRAGON and DRAKEN, this string has a neatly packed ‘fuzz’ feel to it. Slightly warmer on finger compared to DRAKEN. The method used to make this formula yields a really nice ‘bounce’ feel while also maintaining a controlled punctual feel. This translates to a really kinda bright play style. Very well suited for technical tricks that use a lot of density. It practically creates clean space for you to use within your segmentation. More details coming soon 👍🏿

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