The long and the short of it is, there are certain fundamental tricks that are very classic and very polarizing in throw trick history. After being flabbergasted by Gary Longorias braintwister combo in the first Spindox vid I saw in 00’, my respect and appreciation for the craft has been locked at a very high regard.

One of said tricks that I view with a high amount of respect AND appreciation is Boingy Boing. This trick led the way to a whole BUNCH of stuff following it’s creation. And it’s just a DOPE trick regardless 😂 When I stumbled through my thoughts and into this progression of that particular trick, I was in shock and thankful. Felt like a gift for real 😂 As someone who had put at that point 4 full time throw years into making tricks, it was easy to recognize the juggernaut classic tricks. And if your mind drifted like mines did lol, then you definitely ideated on how dope it would be to be accountable for a trick of that volume and caliber. So I say all that to say long windily...this trick reminds me of what I love and appreciate and respect about this craft. I can’t think about this trick without thinking about how grateful I am to just be ‘in’ all of this. To be inspired enough to ‘create’, is a big deal to me. Being inspired by my throw friends and a variety of other just throw legends is straight up appreciated to the soul and a privilege that I honestly can’t ever get tired of speaking on (but post limits doh 😂) Or simply put, this trick gives me ‘all the feels’ ☺️😂 String formula used is Amy. If I were to take the rhythm section from the Rebby formula band and the 65 formula band, I would get Amy. Amy plays consistently soft fall warm with a mild peppermint ice cream ‘crisp’-like crunch. Like the rest, it’s full poly bbuuttt this ones 2-toned 🗣 The base threads are white, with the accent threads being red. This creates an optically bright looking light pink. It’s fast for a soft feeling string but never overly hot feeling on finger. More details to follow 👍🏿 #markmont #amy #onedropyoyos #yoyo #yoyotricks #trickcircle #tutorialbasedfootage