Bounce—Cirrus Foam

First and foremost before the breakdown - ddddoooonntttt sleep on these pyramatte finish Gold Coin Markmont. Classics on Markmont. Shop - this finish DEF allows for less string resistance and gives longer spin time with on-string play. I like both finish versions of the MC equally for diff reasons - def dig this one when I wanna just zone out and endlessly gggoooo go go.

This run re-uses a lot of some of my favorite ‘juke’ bounces and ‘loadings’. #followthebouncingball is def in full affect with this one. That tempo is very much like a metronome, so it was fun trying to kinda emphasize that more-so, in addition to applying variation appropriately. Been really trying to refine on techniques much more than elements. Kinda like key signatures in music in a way. When you stay element focused, it can have a way of reducing flow and fragmenting the run or story your telling with your run. Staying in motion as a root focus of a technique keeps a much better structure/staging for all elements to get placed ‘into’ the motion.

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