As mentioned in the previous post, this trick means a ‘lot’ to me; it pretty much re-ignited my creative juices at the time of creation. That being said, prepping to film this trick was nerve wrecking 😂 It’s hard to hit AND it’s difficult to film right.

So it’s finally time to film the trick last night...lights on, camera on and throw in hand. Slowly walk up to my target spot and just...’think’ for a moment. I think the thought was... ‘damn it I really don’t wanna go through the hassle of filming this’ lol. But aannnyywwaayyysss I give it a shot. I think my primal thrower instinct kicked it deep inside my soul with a convicted voice and exclaimed: “FIRST TRY KING!!!” LMAO.

Next thing you know....on 1st cam take and on my 1st try...hit it. Wwwooooooo man LOL. You gotta CHERISH the moments that that happens because they are rare 😂 Had to share that little story with y’all first LOL

This trick is all in your timing and laceration (slack) technique. Think of your trapeze mount as the same hand posture you’d have driving an old flat school-bus steering wheel. When you pop the throw up like an Eli hop, you wanna wait until the yo-yo reaches its peak, then very swiftly, throw a laceration with your throw hand in a counter clockwise steering a flat bus steering wheel rotation (if righty) motion. Get the whole loop segment and arm fully over and around the throw while it’s still in air. Try and kinda ‘aim’ the direction of your laceration movement to land its string on your other front mount positioned inward hand fingers. Then catch - simple 😂👌🏿 String Formula used is 65. This formula plays similar to Rebby but with a bit more ‘crunch’ to it. I would put this right in-between DRAKEN and Rebby in terms of play style and characteristics. It binds vvveerrryyy well and like Rebby, has a really good felt spatial relationship when throw is on string or even just slacking. I could talk for a good while just on it’s binding characteristics but alas, I’ll keep it brief for now 😁 Stay tuned for more details on 65 Formula 👍🏿 Full ‘slightly longer’ video version available in profile link.

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