Copernicus (Copi)

There’s an oval like motion that’s goin on with how both the throw and the accompanying elements holding the throw move in this run. Sometimes when you really lock into either your motion or pocket, it can really do double duty and act as some nice coloring book ‘guide lines’ for what your doing. I think my favorite part was seeing the contrast in motion that happens around the half way mark when I kinda mount into the underside chopsticks hold and tug. That pulley affect is my jjjaaammmmm 😂👌🏿 String Formula used is upcoming MF Copernicus. Copernicus has a ‘ridiculously’ bouncy feel to it. Almost like rubber at times even. The softest formula in the full line but still maintains a serious amount of structure hold since it’s of the DRAGON ‘genome’. Also yes like DRAGON, last for over a year. Handles humidity legit better than any string I’ve tried ‘ever’ (hollar at anyone from Nationals that tried it in that humidity to support this claim 😂). Def looking forward to dropping this formula 👍🏿 Also yes - mini update/announcement. 1st class shipping rates on Markmont. Shop have now been reduced. Thank all y’all for the continued support and appreciation thus far on this and all future endeavors 🙌🏿

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