This throw/formula combination is super technical feeling. Metallic Pink MC on MF Draken. Something about the vibrancy of this color makes everything when throwing look ‘crispy’ 😂 Then the pyramatte finish on the crisp structured #mfdrakenenables a lloott of intricacy and feel. Would be most wise if you ‘not’ sleep on either 😁👌🏿 This run for me was all about the waviness of the flow in the first third. I’ve thrown to this track a lot, so this time I tried a different approach to the flow match. Instead of going more in line with the track, I tried to kinda weave into it. Similar musical thing is when you put triplet rhythm on a 4/4 time signature.

Also yes the entry ‘into’ the timing of the flow, the way it kinda ‘locks’ in right when the throw mounts the trapeze - diggin that. After the recovery I pull the strings with my thumb - ddiiggggg that as well as how the throw proceeds to ‘travel’.

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