Cirrus Foam

Man...starting to rreeaallllyy see the benefits of what happens when you loosin up your element ‘phrasing’ to let the throw take its own course. It can feel at times as if the everything is going to get too wild/chaotic, but as long as you still maintain some semblance of area zoning (ie your imaginary box the throw stays moving in) then it’s all good. Think of it like drumming. When you drum with a tight grip vs a loose grip, you get way diff results. This run was much more in the range of loose grip - but there was still a fixed area that I tried to keep the throw inside.

Was feelin how those some of the hops traveled - lot of left/right movement vs just staying straight linear up/down. That little saucy green triangle juke came out of nnoooo where LOL 😂👌🏿

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